VoxUkraine Guide for the authors

Professionals who are interested in writing research-based analysis and commentary should send a column and its research basis to: [email protected] with the subject “Submission”. The submission should include author`s email, information about the author(s) current and past affiliation(s), academic degrees, and the URL of the author(s)’ current webpage, if any. Please duplicate this information in a file with the article. The VoxUkraine Editorial Board reviews the column and then decide whether a submission can be accepted for publication on the VoxUkraine website.

Requirements and recommendations

✔ An article should be no longer than 3 pages (approx. 1,500 words), have a clear message and, preferably, policy recommendations. Arguments should be justified and supported by facts. In most cases the author of the column will receive comments from the editorial board that will help her/him to improve the column.

✔ We encourage the author to use data visualisation and infographics, maps, figures, time series.

✔ Each submission should contain a lead – a summary of the main message of the article, stated in 2-3 short sentences(no more than 100 words).

✔ Authors are encouraged to suggest 2-3 options for the title. Titles should be catchy and self-explanatory.

✔ The article will be easier to read if you divide it into a few logical blocks, each with a sub-heading. See an example here.

✔ Please note that VoxUkraine’s audience is global. It is therefore good to use words that are clear also to an international audience (e.g. Ukraine’s Central Bank is better than NBU).

Plagiarism (copying another’s work or borrowing someone else’s original ideas without attribution) is absolutely intolerable. All quote must be duly completed. Please carefully indicate references and data sources.

Don’t use footnotes. Please either make endnotes or, preferably, insert hyperlinks into the text.