23-24.04.2016 Microeconomics from Insiders: Firms, Markets and State Regulation

The Kyiv School of Economics and VoxUkraine invite you to a two-day seminar that will set up a framework for thinking about  state involvement into the economy and and provide insider opinions on the issues. Seminar participants will understand different market structures and anti-monopoly regulations, find out the latest developments in the reform of state-owned enterprises in Ukraine, including the largest monopolies and so on.

21.03.2016 KSE Annual Academic Student Conference

The Kyiv School of Economics invites university students to participate in the KSE Annual Academic Student Conference. The topic of this year is “Ukraine at 25: evaluation of the past and plans for the future”. For this conference, we are looking for papers that reflect on Ukraine’s performance over the last 25 year and/or present ideas on how to prepare Ukraine for the next 25 year. Deadline for submission of papers is February 29th.

28-29.11.2015 A two-day Course «Ukraine: An insider’s View on Macroeconomics, Central Banking, and Monetary policy»

Kyiv School of Economics and VoxUkraine are inviting you to the meeting with Ukraine and world star economists. Educational course «Ukraine: An insider’s view on macroeconomics, central banking, and monetary policy» will take place on November 28 and 29, 2015. The course is devoted to macroeconomic processes and issues which countries facing in economic and political crises. We offer a modern view on the economy in developed countries and countries with transitional economies combined with a critical overview of the errors and successes of Ukrainian Government and the National Bank to overcome the crisis and institutional challenges.

30.10.2015 USUBC-KSE Conference on Legal and Governace Reform

We are pleased to invite you to the half-day conference on 30 October at Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) to discuss the second edition of the White Paper and the proposed reforms.

18.05.2015 Presentation by Leonid Peisakhin: “The Influence of Russian Television on Ukrainian Voters”

We are happy to invite you to a presentation by Leonid Peisakhin (Assistant Professor of Political Science, New York University, Abu Dhabi) on “The Influence of Russian Television on Ukrainian Voters”, organized jointly by the Kyiv School of Economics, VoxUkraine, the Kennan Institute in Ukraine and the Fulbright program in Ukraine.

23.04.2015 Open Lecture “How Do Firms Form Their Expectations? New Survey Evidence”

We are glad to invite you to the Open Lecture of one of the most outstanding Kyiv School of Economics Alumni, co-founder and member of the Editorial Board of, Associate Professor at the University of California – Berkeley, Yuriy Goodnichenko,”How Do Firms Form Their Expectations? New Survey Evidence” which will take place at the Kyiv School of Economics at 4pm, April, 23rd.

02-17.04.2015 Essay Competition for the symposium “Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy?”

We invite young Ukrainians (age 18-25) to submit a short description of their vision for Ukraine. From the submissions, the VoxUkraine editorial Board will select one essay which is meaningful, inspirational, well though-out and well written. The author(s) of this vision will be invited to present at the grand opening event,with participation of the President and the Prime Minister, on April, 24th.

24-26.04.2015 Symposium for the Special Issue of the Journal of Comparative Economics “Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy?”

To recognize the exceptional importance of events in Ukraine, the editors of the Journal of Comparative Economics authorized publication of a special issue about Ukraine. Symposium devoted to the Special Issue will be held in Kyiv, April 24-26, 2015 in partnership with Kyiv School of Economics. Editors of the special issue: Tymofiy Mylovanov (University of Pittsburgh) and Yuriy Gorodnichenko (University of California, Berkeley). Invited Foreign guests: Jan Svejnar, Gerard Roland, Konstantin Sonin, Charles Wyplosz, Simeon Djankov, Erik Berglof, others.

09.03.2015 Discussion “Healing Ukraine – Coping with the Wounds of Conflict”

This inaugural discussion will focus on economic and political aspects of the conflict with a special emphasis on the inherent tensions between eastern Ukraine and the rest of the country. Discussion will be moderated by Erik Berglof, Director of the Institute of Global Affairs, LSE., speakers of the panel are: Tymofei Mylovanov, Associate Professor of Economics at University of Pittsburgh, co-founded the VoxUkraine, and Erik Berglof, Director of the Institute of Global Affairs, LSE.

04.01.2015 Panel Discussion “Decentralization Theory and Its Implications for Ukraine”  within 2015 Annual Meetings of the Allied Social Science Associations in Boston

VoxUkraine are honored to invite you to the panel discussion “Decentralization Theory and Its Implications for Ukraine” devoted to institution building in Ukraine. Discussion will be held 4th of January on 2015 Annual Meetings of the Allied Social Science Associations in Boston, within the Program of Association of Comparative Economic Studies. Discussion will be moderated by Daniel Berkowitz, speakers of the panel are: Roger Myerson, Tymofiy Mylovanov, Gerard Roland, Eric Berglof

25.11.2014 Closed-door brainstorming session “Ukraine’s reforms. Top priorities and immediate actions”

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and VoxUkraine conduct a closed-door brainstorming session “Ukraine’s reforms. Top priorities and immediate actions”. The topic of the meeting will be to discuss key reform priorities and immediate actions in the new political setup. The list of invitees includes the representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, Presidential Administration and the Parliament, international donor organizations, VoxUkraine, NRC, think tanks and local business community.

24.11.2014 Open Lecture “Reform Experience in Slovakia. Implications for Ukraine” with Ivan Mikloš, former Minister of Finance from Slovakia

Kyiv School of Economics, VoxUkraine  and Alumni Association of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy are honored to invite you to a meeting with great Slovak reformer – Ivan Mikloš, former Minister of Finance from Slovakia, currently Member of Parliament who will have a lecture on “Reform Experience in Slovakia. Implications for Ukraine”.

20.11.2014 Press-briefing at Ukraine Crisis Media Center with representatives of VoxUkraine

On November 20, at 13:30 Ukraine Crisis Media Center holds press-briefing with representatives of VoxUkraine. They will discuss the article “Analysis of the Project of Coalition Agreement”.   The meeting will be held with the participation of Ilona Sologub, Researcher at the Kyiv School of Economics, and Agnieszka Piasecka, Project Manager at “Open Dialogue”.

20.11.2014 Fifth Ukrainian Investment Forum: Evolution After Revolution

We are glad to inform you that a policy analysis platform VoxUkraine has become an intellectual partner of the Fifth Ukrainian Investment Forum: Evolution After Revolution, which is organized by the Ukrainian association of investment professionals “CFA Society Ukraine”. The Forum will take place on November 20, 2014 at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv (1 Naberezhno-Khreshchatytska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine) and is expected to be attended by C-level managers of the largest Ukrainian companies and banks, representatives of investment funds and policy makers. VoxUkraine invites it’s friends to register for the Forum and if your registration will qualify as paid, you may use nontransferable promo code “Vox” to receive a 20% discount.

23.10.2014 VoxUkraine Club, Edward W. Walker and Tom Coupe: Lessons learned from post-Soviet countries with frozen conflicts on their territories

We would like to cover the following issues:

  • The impact of frozen conflicts on national identity, democratization and civil society, international standing and orientation
  • Handling frozen conflicts: the economic angle

The list of invitees includes representatives of VoxUkraine, KSE, representatives of expert groups and think tanks and analytical centers, academics, journalists, Government (State Agency for the restoration of Donbass, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade), international organizations (OSCE, US Embassy), representatives of business community (Dragon Capital, ICU, Raiffeisen).

Journal of Comparative Economics: Special Issue 

VoxUkraine organizes a conference and a special issue for the Journal of Comparative Economics, the top journal in the field. The topic of the issue is Ukraine. We seek submissions of high-quality proposals or completed papers that shed new light on the origins of the crisis in Ukraine and ways out of the crisis (e.g., why Ukraine’s economy did not grow for 20 years, why political preferences are so polarized, why allocation of resources is poor, what institutions prevent Ukraine from modernization, how trade with the EU will benefit Ukraine, how Ukraine can learn from the experience of other countries, etc.).

16.10.2014 VoxUkraine and Ukrainian Institute London: War and Reforms in Ukraine: An Impossible Duo? 

The discussion will cover the latest political and economic developments in Ukraine with a focus on reform agenda and the role of local experts and international community in promoting reforms in the country. Ukraine’s challenge is to protect its independence and integrity, stabilize the economy, and rebuild the army and to reform all public institutions at the same time. How to win the war on these two fronts?

8.10.2014 Round table witrh Liga: Economy of the Cold War. 

A significant part of the Donbass has instantaneously got the “special status”. The territory controlled by separatists covers nearly 2% of the area of Ukraine, but at the same time, more than 30 companies from the top 200 largest companies in Ukraine are located there. What will happen with business and industry of the occupied territory, and how painful would be a partial loss of Donbass for the Ukrainian economy?

1.10.2014 VoxUkraine Club with Andrei Kirilenko, Professor of the Practice of Finance at the MIT Sloan School of Management

Questions suggested for the discussion:

  1. Has financial catastrophe been prevented or is it yet to come?

  2. What were the traps for the Ukrainian Economy?

  3. From stabilization to development: prerequisites and policy measures.

9.09-10.09.2014 Roger Myerson, Nobel Prize winner, press conference Urgency and priorities for the reforms in Ukraine.