Monthly Archive: September 2016


The Potential of Using “Self-Interest” in Solving Social Problems

State goal-oriented programs are a usual tool of solving large-scale economic and social problems in Ukraine. However, the lack of money and responsibility for failing to reach the stated objectives have transformed this instrument of solving social problems into a mere declaration of intentions. In the meantime, the development of the theory of social investment has led to the emergence of new financial instruments in the developed countries, which are known as social impact bonds. They have a potential of becoming an efficient tool of solving social problems. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.


Bratislava EU Summit: Quo Vadis?

Last week on September 16th, an informal meeting of the heads of states or governments of the 27 European Union member states took place in Bratislava, Slovakia. The choice of the city was not random. Starting from July 1st, Slovakia is holding a rotating Council Presidency, a job which involves promoting Council’s work on EU legislation, ensuring continuity of the EU agenda and cooperation among its member states. Has the EU moved forward after Bratislava?


Bad Decisions: How to Build the Poorest Country in Europe

For all it’s resources, Ukraine is an unreasonably poor country. According to the World Bank, in 2015, the gross income per person was equal to $7,450 USD (according to PPP – Purchasing Power Parity). This is lower than Iraq, Mongolia, Albania and 109 other countries. In the last 25 years, this figure has decreased by 23% and Ukraine has dropped from the 55th to the 112th position in the World Bank index. During this time, all the countries neighbouring Ukraine, except for Moldova, were more successful in their economic development. To answer why, VoxUkraine has researched and discovered the seven most damaging and destructive decisions that Ukrainian government officials have taken in the last 25 years of independence.


The Interconnection between Internally Displaced Persons, Shelling and the Minsk Process

VoxUkraine has collected and analysed all the available data on the number of people crossing the demarcation line in Donbass, as well as all the available statistics on the dynamics of shelling. This analysis shows whether people keep leaving Donbass, what determines the intensity of shelling and whether high-level diplomacy has any influence on Russian and DNR/LNR guns. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian


VoxCheck of the Most Popular Representatives of the Opposition Bloc

Our FactCheck of the Opposition Bloc, one of the most popular parties in Ukraine, has revealed that they often include the data on the macroeconomic situation in Ukraine in their public discourses. For instance, the party members often speak about unemployment, the structure of the Ukrainian economy and state expenditures. However, they make many mistakes. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.


Spirit of Freedom for Ukraine. Unlearned Lesson of Kakha Bendukidze

The spirit of freedom espoused by Kakha Bendukidze and his like-minds dramatically changed Georgia. In Ukraine, we struggle for change as well but we seem to fail to understand the role of freedom in it. In this article I would like to reinforce the spirit of freedom and also discuss how we can use seemingly and undeservedly not very famous but effective instruments invented in Georgia.


The Position of VoxUkraine on the Transfer of Control over Ukrtransgaz to the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine

On September 7, 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine has amended the statute of Ukrtransgaz, the company responsible for the transit, transmission and storage of natural gas in Ukraine. The Ministry has thus took the control over Ukrtransgaz from NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine, which is also subordinated to the Ministry.


iMoRe №43. The Velvet Season: the Fall has Come, Little Reforms

The pace of reforms in Ukraine remains slow. The index for monitoring reforms (iMoRe) in the period from the last days of August through the first days of September was 0.8 points. There was progress that took place in business environment reform, public administration, and energy sectors. Nothing happened in public finance and monetary sector.


VoxCheck of the Interview with Dmytro Vovk for the “Nashi Hroshi” Program

The “Nashi Hroshi with Denys Bigus” project has talked about the coal market and the activities of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission with its head, Dmytro Vovk (27 years old). He assures that the Commission has become transparent, the coal market is identical to the gas market, and the imports of coal have been rising. The VoxCheck analysis has shown that this is not completely true. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.


New Patterns in Trade Policy: the Case of Ukraine, EU and Canada

Ukraine has everything to gain in embracing the current trend in bilateral trade liberalization and further developing privileged relations with its partners. The more the country will be integrated within global trade flows, the more it will export, gain in competitiveness and attract investments. Jocelyn Guitton and Clinton Martin analyze the three recent agreements between Canada, EU and Ukraine and draw several lessons from them.