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Budget Decentralization: Life or Death for Ukrainian Cities and Towns

For two years, Ukrainian regions have received and spent funds under a new arrangement that emerged after the budget decentralization reform. VoxUkraine has found out which cities and towns have won and will continue to benefit from the reform, and which have fared not so well. Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.


How Efficient is Employing Former Businessmen in Civil Service: International Experience

In 2014, a number of new civil servants in Ukraine were recruited from the private sector. The most famous newcomers included Natalie Jaresko, the minister of finance, and Aivaras Abromavichus, the minister of economy. According to the calculations made by the authors, 40% of Arseniy Yatsenyuk’s government was formed by former businesspersons. Yet were these developments really unprecedented in Ukraine? Full text is available in Ukrainian and Russian.


A More Inclusive Democracy for Ukraine

Representative democracy is not the sole possible form of democracy. It can and should be complemented by other elements, such as direct democracy and participatory democracy. These two components are especially relevant for the latest constitutional amendment debate. These should be implemented through a bottom-up deliberation, in which every citizen participates, followed by a referendum.


Ukraine Needs Decentralization to Develop Future Democratic Leaders

Reforms for decentralization ask the highest national leaders to relinquish a part of their power, so that locally elected officials can take some responsibility for serving their communities. No political leader is ever eager to give away any part of his power, but decentralization may be the essential key on which the success of all other reforms in Ukraine will depend.


The Feudalization of Ukraine?

By Balázs Jarábik (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) Last month, when Ukrainians celebrated the first anniversary of the start of the EuroMaidan Revolution, there were no European Union flags waving on Kyiv’s central square. The scene...