The 2015 Ukraine Viewing List


A shot from the video “Time to be different”

By: Editorial Board of VoxUkraine

In 2015, lots of great articles were written about Ukraine [here link to best of 2015 articles]. On top of that, many great videos were made, illustrating Ukraine’s beauty, its potential, its achievements but also its troubles. Below you can find a ‘viewing’ list,  a list of links to some of the best videos made on Ukraine in 2015.

Some videos explain Ukraine’s current situation.

  • Vox: Ukraine one year later

  • VoxUkraine –  Time to be different

  • Netflix Maidan documentary (trailer)

Other videos reflect Ukraine’s potential and highlight the best Ukraine has to offer

  • Ministry of Economy. Ukraine – Open for U

  • Ministry of Economy – Open for Tourism

  • Ministry of Infrastructure: Transport of Ukraine

  • Ministry of Agriculture: Grow Ukraine

  • Oleg Prilutsky: Ukraine My Home

  • French Spring in Kyiv

A notable achievement this year was Ukraine’s qualification to the EURO 2016 Championship

Other videos show some of the worst things Ukraine has to offer

  • RT video: most spectacular fights from Ukrainian parliament

  • RT video: More fights from the Ukrainian parliament

  • Kyiv Post: Avakov vs  Saakashvili (English transcript)

More interesting videos on Ukraine can be found on

  • Bloomberg – for example

  • or Vice news – for example

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